Public lecture: Type 2 diabetes reversal: fact or fiction?

Dr Baldry is a clinical academic and researcher working at the Leicester Diabetes Research Centre. As a registered Dietitian she has ten years of experience working in diverse ethnic communities, with all life stages and wide-ranging nutrition and dietetic needs. Dr Baldry is a specialist in weight and obesity management, focussed on metabolic, obesity-related chronic […]

Loughborough academics looking for volunteers aged over 65 for study on the impact of exergames

The study aims to determine whether playing interactive videogames on a balance board can help improve older adults balance and decrease their risk of falls. Participants will be asked to attend three training sessions a week for eight weeks at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University. Each training session will […]

SMART Work – reducing sitting time at work

Office-based employees spend almost 75% of their workday sitting down but 95% report wanting to reduce this. In the UK, half a million employees annually suffer from work-related musculoskeletal issues. Currently, £12.2 billion is spent annually on presenteeism and £10.6 billion on sickness absenteeism. The amount of time staff spend sitting could be contributing to […]

Mothers’ depression and anxiety linked to unhealthy diets for children

Loughborough University psychologist Dr Emma Haycraft said that the use of controlling feeding practices can disrupt children’s internal regulation. This can contribute to youngsters refusing to eat – meaning that they might then only eat a limited range of foods – or to them overeating – which can lead to them becoming overweight or obese. Her paper, Mental […]

Government at risk of missing its own Ageing Society target, says new report

Healthy life expectancy, which is the number of years lived in good health, has not increased as quickly as life expectancy in recent decades, which means people are living more years in poor health. The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy contains a target of “ensur[ing] that people can enjoy at least five extra healthy, independent years […]

Could standing consultations help improve GPs’ health?

To tackle this problem academics from Loughborough, in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), are investigating if standing consultations could help improve the activity levels of GPs and if their use would be accepted by patients and doctors. The study will be carried out in three phases. For the first phase around […]

Heated suit simulates exercise benefits for people unable to take part in physical activity

Scientists are testing a heated suit which replicates some benefits of exercise without the need for physical activity. A team from Loughborough University is using the prototype device to help people with disabilities, elderly people, and those with chronic diseases that prevent them from taking part in exercise. It comes following a successful study into […]

Save the date – Public lecture 2020: What makes the world’s best athletes tick?

In this presentation, Dr David Fletcher delves into the psychology of what it takes to win at the highest level of sport. He argues that although there is much to admire about and learn from the world’s best athletes, there are also some darker aspects to becoming and being a champion athlete. Dr David Fletcher […]

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