Joint NCSEM and Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine conference – booking now open

The conference, Why is Moving Medicine?, will look at the science behind exercise medicine, building on the recently launched Moving Medicine resources to provide the evidence behind why movement is medicine. The themes of the conference are musculoskeletal health, mental health, diabetes and cancer, with keynotes from Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Institute of […]

Public lecture: Managing your type 2 diabetes

The lecture, Managing your type 2 diabetes, will take place at the NCSEM-EM at Loughborough University on 5 March 2019. Jacqui Troughton has a clinical background as a state registered Dietitian (1986). She has had career experience in clinical, academic and research settings. She has enjoyed worked in the speciality of diabetes for 25 years. […]

NCSEM-EM public lecture series 2019

The first four lectures are outlined below and details of further events in 2019 will be added throughout the year. 24 January, 6pm Hormone Replacement Therapy: the good, the bad and the ugly Presented by Dr Emma O’Donnell, Lecturer in Exercise Physiology, Loughborough University 5 March, 6pm Managing your type 2 diabetes Presented by Jacqui […]

Women in Logistics – exploring Driver Health

Organised by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the presentation will include the study’s inception and evolution with interactive elements and exercises. In addition to the presentation, there is the opportunity to discuss the SHIFT project and associated health issues that lorry drivers experience, whilst also exploring some of the following thought provoking questions: […]

Does the fat composition of a meal influence risk factors for heart disease in adipose (fat) tissue?

The team from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences is looking for healthy male and female participants aged 18-50 who have a waist circumference of ≥94cm/90cm (men/Asian men) and ≥80cm (women) and/or BMI >25kg/m2. Participants will be invited to complete: a one-hour screening visit (after a 12-hour overnight fast) a 45-minute familiarisation visit […]

Loughborough academic to chair mental health and wellbeing event in Brussels

The event, organised by Public Policy Exchange in association with the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, will bring together senior EU policy-makers and stakeholders from across Europe. Together with mental health specialists they will explore both the damaging and beneficial aspects of working life on mental health. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss current initiatives, […]

Reseach included in special issue of the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

The special issue covers the International Congress on Soldier Physical Performance (ICSPP) and draws together ‘the latest findings, methodologies and international perspectives pertinent to military physical performance’. ‘The association between obesity related health risk and fitness test results in the British Army personnel’, written by Dr Paul Sanderson from the School of Sport, exercise and […]

Public lecture: Hormone Replacement Therapy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recent studies are beginning to shed light on what has been a very topical subject since the early 2000s: does estrogen therapy improve or worsen cardiovascular disease risk in postmenopausal women? In this talk, Emma will discuss the historical and current understanding of the cardiovascular effects of estrogen therapy and where we are heading next. […]

New European website on exercise guidelines for people with a spinal cord injury

Disabled people are twice as likely to be physically inactive than able-bodied people, therefore understanding the amount and type of activity they need to do to benefit their health is important. The scientific guidelines were developed in 2017 by an international group of 29 researchers, clinicians, community organisations and people with spinal cord injury. It […]

Simple tips to curb overindulgence can help stop pounds piling on at Christmas

Researchers, supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and funded by the University of Birmingham, carried out the ‘Winter Weight Watch Study’ – a trial that aimed to prevent participants from gaining weight over the festive season by arming them with tips and techniques to avoid overindulging. It saw 272 volunteers being randomly […]

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