New European website on exercise guidelines for people with a spinal cord injury

Disabled people are twice as likely to be physically inactive than able-bodied people, therefore understanding the amount and type of activity they need to do to benefit their health is important. The scientific guidelines were developed in 2017 by an international group of 29 researchers, clinicians, community organisations and people with spinal cord injury. It […]

Simple tips to curb overindulgence can help stop pounds piling on at Christmas

Researchers, supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and funded by the University of Birmingham, carried out the ‘Winter Weight Watch Study’ – a trial that aimed to prevent participants from gaining weight over the festive season by arming them with tips and techniques to avoid overindulging. It saw 272 volunteers being randomly […]

Student’s story educates healthcare assistants on the benefits of exercise for those living with severe mental illness

Nessa Millet says it is “very rewarding” to know John’s Story – the narrative she penned as part of her master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology – is being valued and shared by the charity, which provides specialist mental healthcare for patients with some of the most challenging mental health needs in the UK. John’s Story is written from the […]

Can’t exercise? A hot bath may help improve inflammation and metabolism, study suggests

‘The acute and chronic effects of hot water immersion on inflammation and metabolism in sedentary, overweight adults’ was led by PhD student Sven Hoekstra, under the guidance of Dr Christof Leicht and Dr Lettie Bishop, of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS). The findings of the study – which also features research […]

Hungry for Change group receives regional funding boost

The Hungry for Change PPI group came about in response to the difficulties many families face to feeding their children during school holidays. The Department of Education reported in 2018 that 13.6% of families rely on the support of free school meals during term time, but during the school holidays there is no such provision, […]

Study proves reducing sitting time boosts office staff’s work engagement and wellbeing

It is widely known that sitting down for long periods of time, even for those who do some exercise regularly, can lead to poor health. Teams from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University wanted to investigate simple solutions to reducing sitting time in the office. The research, funded by the National Institute for Health […]

Public lecture: Are we spending too much time sitting, and is this a real cause for concern?

The talk will provide an overview of the evidence describing how much time children and adults typically spend sitting and being physically active. The latest evidence linking prolonged sitting to poor health outcomes will be described followed by an overview of how we can incorporate more movement into our daily routines. Dr Clemes is a […]

Sports Injuries and Sports Orthopaedics Conference

You will hear experts and key opinion leaders deliver updates on innovation, progress and current practice in their subspecialty. This two-day intensive course will earn you 12 CPD credits (applied for) and is perfect for consultants and trainees in orthopaedics, sport and exercise medicine and all related specialties including physiotherapists and osteopaths. It will also […]

Scheme to improve health of truck drivers shortlisted for NHS innovation award

Lorry drivers who take part in the SHIFT programme, which stands for Structured Health Intervention For Truckers, attend a six-hour, interactive education session about healthy eating and physical activity, and are provided with physical activity monitors to track their movement and engage in ‘step count challenges’ with other drivers. They are also given exercise equipment […]

Leicester Business Festival event being held at the NCSEM-EM this October

The event will enable you to find out how your sport or physical activity business could access and benefit from opportunities available through the universities on your doorstep. You will find out how you can bring new specialisms to your team through internships, placements and knowledge transfer partnerships and be inspired by the extent of […]

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