Public lecture: Type 2 diabetes reversal: fact or fiction?

Dr Baldry is a clinical academic and researcher working at the Leicester Diabetes Research Centre. As a registered Dietitian she has ten years of experience working in diverse ethnic communities, with all life stages and wide-ranging nutrition and dietetic needs. Dr Baldry is a specialist in weight and obesity management, focussed on metabolic, obesity-related chronic […]

Public lecture: Is health an asset? Does it enhance family, social and economic life?

Funded by the Health Foundation, this research focuses on the role of health as an asset. This has been identified as important to health policy and lies at the centre of a strategy of seeking integrated care systems within the NHS Long-Term Plan, drawing on the World Health Organisation, which also now stresses the role […]

Save the date – Public lecture 2020: What makes the world’s best athletes tick?

In this presentation, Dr David Fletcher delves into the psychology of what it takes to win at the highest level of sport. He argues that although there is much to admire about and learn from the world’s best athletes, there are also some darker aspects to becoming and being a champion athlete. Dr David Fletcher […]

Public lecture: The effect of nitrate-rich beetroot juice supplementation on blood pressure and exercise capacity

The lecture will summarise the effects of short term dietary nitrate supplementation on cardiovascular health, particularly blood pressure, muscle function and exercise capacity/performance. The effects will be discussed in healthy adults as well as adults with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and heart failure. Dr Stephen Bailey completed his PhD at the University of Exeter […]

Public lecture: Exercise and cardiovascular health in South Asian vs European populations

The lecture will commence with an overview of ethnic differences in cardiovascular health, followed by a more detailed examination of Matthew’s research into the influence of exercise on cardiovascular health in South Asian and European women and centrally obese South Asian and European men. Matthew Roberts graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 with a BSc […]

Conference: Enhancing motivation and adherence in health contexts

Please note: This event is now closed for bookings. The event will take place on the Loughborough University campus on Wednesday 25th September. The conference is suitable for academics, practitioners working in a health environment or anyone with an interest in how to effectively motivate long-term health behaviour. Conference highlights include Dr Sally Fenton from […]

New website provides practical ideas to help ensure children are physically ready to start school

Previous research undertaken at Loughborough University revealed many four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school with 30% of 45 Foundation Stage children found to be ‘of concern’ and almost 90% demonstrating some degree of movement difficulty. Physical development involves developing control of muscles and physical coordination and it is the primary function in all other […]

New diet and activity research collaboration tackles obesity and chronic disease challenge

The UK is recognised internationally for the strength of its research in diet, nutrition, and physical activity. For the first time these experts from across the country, including researchers from Leicester’s Hospitals, University of Leicester and Loughborough University, have formally united to launch the NIHR Diet and Activity Research Translation (DART) Collaboration. Professor Melanie Davies, […]

Public lecture: Optimising sports performance

In the presentation Dr King will discuss optimum sports performance using examples from a range of sports, including bowling at over 90 miles per hour in cricket and performing a triple layout somersault in gymnastics. Dr King is a Reader in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough University. He has been at Loughborough since 1990, graduating in […]

Public lecture: Managing your type 2 diabetes

The lecture, Managing your type 2 diabetes, will take place at the NCSEM-EM at Loughborough University on 5 March 2019. Jacqui Troughton has a clinical background as a state registered Dietitian (1986). She has had career experience in clinical, academic and research settings. She has enjoyed worked in the speciality of diabetes for 25 years. […]

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