New global network will tackle challenges around ageing society and rehabilitation

The first Shanghai International Geriatric-Rehabilitation Forum was led by experts from the University of Nottingham’s Division of Rehabilitation, Ageing and Wellbeing, along with experts from the Huashan Hospital, at Fudan University in China. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the forum was held in the form of a global webcast, which attracted over 10,000 views online. […]

Spinal cord injury exercise guidelines translated for use in Asian countries

The guidelines, launched in 2017, were developed by an international group of 29 researchers, clinicians, community organisations and people with SCI, to inform people how much exercise is necessary for important fitness and health benefits. It is recommended that to improve fitness, adults with SCI should engage in at least 20 minutes of moderate to […]

New toolkit to help employees return to work following sick leave during COVID-19 pandemic

Loughborough University has created a new toolkit for businesses based in the Midlands, which offers free resources and support to manage the return to work of employees on sick leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Midlands Engine Mental Health and Productivity Pilot, Loughborough is leading a two-year project to provide new guidance […]

Loughborough University collaborates with governing bodies to support parents and children in tennis around the world

Loughborough University, The International Tennis Federation (ITF – the world governing body for tennis), and the LTA (the national governing body for tennis in Great Britain) have come together to provide a suite of education and support resources for parents of young tennis hopefuls, and to drive forward research on parenting in tennis. From the […]

Loughborough and Royal Air Forces Association to lead new support programme for UK military veterans

Starting in 2021, four courses with 12 attendees each will be run at the Loughborough Campus, with a mix of residential stays and one-day sessions. The veterans will take part in range of activities, including social resilience workshops, practical healthy cooking lessons, sessions on improving sleep quality and team-based physical activity such as wheelchair basketball, […]

Online resource launched to support those with kidney disease

Aimed at improving physical and mental wellbeing in all kidney patients across the UK and internationally, Beam for Kidney Disease features live and on demand exercise classes, workshops and educational videos, as well as motivational and community support. Beam for Kidney Disease was conceived by Dr Sharlene Greenwood, Consultant Physiotherapist at Kings College Hospital during […]

Academic experts come together to push forward innovation in clinical rehabilitation

A new partnership of academic experts from across the UK will spearhead efforts to maximise innovation and collective knowledge at the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC). This new centre of excellence being planned near Loughborough will be co-located with the specialist centre for Armed Forces rehabilitation which opened in 2018, replacing the former MoD facility at […]

Leicester’s Hospitals’ online rehabilitation programmes made available to all

The offer from Leicester’s Hospitals comes during Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week (15-22 June 2020). Pulmonary rehabilitation is supervised exercise training, health education and breathing techniques aimed at people with a range of lung conditions. During the pandemic access to pulmonary rehabilitation for people with conditions such as COPD who have been classed as particularly vulnerable to […]

Loughborough academic contributes to groundbreaking literature on race, ethnicity and racism in sports coaching

‘’Race’, Ethnicity and Racism in Sports Coaching’ has been co-edited by Dr Steven Bradbury from Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health and Sciences, and focuses specifically on how ‘race’, ethnicity and racism operate within the socio-cultural sphere of sports coaching. Featuring multi-disciplinary perspectives, the book is arranged into three thematic sections, addressing the […]

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