MSc Exercise as Medicine

Duration: 1 year full-time (part-time available)
Institution: Loughborough University

Course overview

The aim of our Exercise as Medicine MSc is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively promote the uptake of exercise, both as a prescriptive medicine and as preventative therapy.

As the crucial role of exercise and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of diseases and medical conditions is increasingly understood, and health practitioners are encouraged to consider exercise when designing treatment plans and health interventions, so grow the opportunities for well-qualified individuals with an understanding of research in this area.

Our Exercise as Medicine MSc has been developed in response to this trend, drawing on Loughborough University’s internationally-recognised research in physical activity and health. The Exercise as Medicine programme is aimed at individuals with a background in exercise science and/or physical activity wishing to enhance their scientific knowledge and skills to effectively promote the uptake of exercise both as prescriptive medicine and as preventative therapy, particularly to patients with hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary, renal, and other cardiac conditions, or those at risk of metabolic syndrome.

This MSc will therefore educate a new, highly skilled cadre of allied health professionals with the ability to work alongside clinicians and practitioners to manage the epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.

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