This clinic is run by the Leicester Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) department – part of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and one of the oldest and largest NHS departments of SEM in the UK treating about 5,000 patients each year.

The remit of the department is predominantly the medical management of musculoskeletal disease (problems which affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints) which includes sports injuries, as well as a large range of non-sporting problems. In addition, we are involved in the management of conditions which may limit physical activity, or those which may be treated by physical activity using exercise as a medicine. Common musculoskeletal conditions treated include tendinopathies (including Achilles tendon, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis), bone stress injuries, exercise-induced lower limb pain (including the various types of ‘shin splints’ such as Chronic Compartment Syndrome), ankle ligament problems, knee injuries and shoulder problems.

The team

The Leicester SEM department employs five NHS consultants (all of whom are on the Specialist Register), three extended-scope physiotherapists, two nurse practitioners, a podiatrist, and four ‘speciality doctors’ (doctors with a specialist interest in sport and exercise medicine, who work part-time in the clinic). The department is also a training base for four specialist registrars, who are doctors undertaking their specialist training in sport and exercise medicine. Many of our consultants hold posts nationally or internationally in various areas of elite and professional sports and many teach regularly at universities.


All appointments are made through referral from your GP. You should initially make an appointment with your GP to discuss your problem after which your doctor may refer you to our department. GPs can then make an appointment through choose and book.

Any of our current patients can contact the Leicester SEM department directly on 0116 258 4365 for any queries around their appointments.

Sport and exercise medicine at UHL