Lower speed limits needed on rural roads to increase quality of Scottish National Cycle Network routes

Walking and cycling charity Sustrans Scotland is calling to lower the speed limits on some rural roads in Scotland to 40mph, to increase the quality and safety of National Cycle Network routes across the country.

The call comes as the charity releases the findings from its first ever UK-wide audit of the National Cycle Network, which provides a snapshot of the condition of the network across the UK and details a list of recommendations on how routes can be improved and managed in the future.

The Paths for Everyone report and accompanying action plan for Scotland finds that 57% of Network route in Scotland has been rated as very poor, with a further 2% as poor. All of the routes classified as very poor are on-road, and more than half (56%) of the issues on the Network in Scotland can be related to concerns around traffic safety.

The review makes 15 recommendations to improve the Network, including one where routes are on-road, that the speed limit is reduced to 20mph in urban areas and 40mph in rural areas.

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