Walking Works Wonders

Walking Works Wonders

Working life is becoming increasingly sedentary. Prolonged sitting is a risk factor for a wide range of chronic diseases making this is a major health problem.

In response to this growing problem, researchers within the NCSEM-EM have developed Walking Works Wonders – an evidence-based intervention, involving innovative health education designed to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour at work.

Walking Works Wonders involves tailoring health information to employees’ attitudes, recognising that when attempting to change behaviour, one size does not fit all.


The intervention was evaluated over two years with 1,000 participants at ten worksites across the UK. It was effective in:

  • reducing BMI
  • reducing sickness absence
  • increasing productivity
  • improving health

There were also organisational savings of £26-£32 for every £1 spent.

This highly effective intervention is now being offered to small, medium and large organisations in the public and private sector.