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Patient and public involvement working group event success

A collaborative event as part of the Higher Education Institution (HEI) Challenge for Patient Supported Quality Improvement and Education in Healthcare was held at the NCSEM-EM recently.

The HEI Challenge (funded by the EMAHSN and HEEM) is a cross-university collaboration to share, develop, showcase and spread work across the East Midlands around the unifying topic of healthcare quality improvement.

The overall aim of the event was to provide a forum to focus and share achievements and help identify how universities can support developments in the future; locally, regionally and more widely. It covered a range of topics such as patient supported quality improvement, involvement and inclusion, and development of service users.

The day involved presentations, sharing of best practice examples, group discussions and break-out sessions around key topics, as well as the opportunity to network and participate in physical activity during the lunch break.

Participating universities were represented by staff, service user and learner voices and people travelled from across the region from a range of voluntary and service user led organisations, including Healthwatch Nottinghamshire, British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health, Leicester-Loughborough Biomedical Research Unit, CLASH,  Alzheimer’s Action Alliance, Diabetes UK, and the Carers Federation.

Learning from this and future events will be shared via a website and conference towards the end of the challenge.

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For more information on the HEI Challenge, contact Rachel Hawley, Project Manager – or 07711 532512

For more information about the Patient and Public Involvement working group, contact either Kristen Clements or Rhian Last