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European funding award for active ageing research

Loughborough University has been awarded over £300,000 in funding for a project looking at frailty and cognitive decline in older adults.

The project ‘My Active and Healthy Ageing (my-AHA)’ aims to reduce risk of frailty and cognitive decline by improving physical activity and cognitive function, as well as psychological state, social resources, nutrition, sleep and overall wellbeing.

It will make use of digital platforms and social interactions to develop new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualised and personalised recommendations, feedback and support.

A digital platform will detect defined risks and provide targeted, research-based interventions to motivate users to participate in exercise, cognitively stimulating games and social networking to achieve long-term behaviour change.

Early detection and intervention is crucial in sustaining active and healthy ageing and slowing or reversing further decline. The project aims to empower older adults to better manage their own health, resulting in healthcare cost savings.

The project is a collaboration between several European and Asian partners funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020) and is part of a larger €4.3m grant. It will involve collaboration and cooperation with European healthcare organisations, SMEs and NGOs to deliver significant innovation in the area of active and healthy ageing.

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