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A new manifesto for walking and cycling

A group of the UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations, including the Bicycle Association, Cycling UK, the Ramblers, British Cycling, Living Streets and Sustrans, has launched ‘Moving the Nation’, a manifesto demanding new measures to prioritise walking and cycling in our towns and cities.

The Moving the Nation manifesto outlines the five first steps it would like to see the Government take on board to begin the transformation of our roads and streets:

  • Speed – Lower default speed limits to 20mph for most roads in built up areas and 40mph for the most minor rural roads to make our roads and streets safer for everyone.
  • Space – Adopt and ensure consistent application of existing ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure design standards to create safe, attractive and inviting places for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Safety – Revise the Highway Code to improve safety for people walking and cycling, particularly at junctions.
  • Priority – Prohibit pavement parking to create safer and more accessible streets.
  • Culture – Provide cycle training for all children during their primary and secondary school years and embed a culture of walking and cycling throughout the school curriculum.