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Where are all the Women?

New research from Women in Sport looks at the visibility of women’s sports coverage across five European countries.

With evidence of some countries failing to achieve more than 2% of coverage for women’s sport and around 30% of some channels having zero women’s sport coverage in some periods, the report shows there is still a long way to go in achieving parity for women’s and men’s sport.

Key findings from Where are all the Women?:

  • Women’s sport media coverage lags significantly behind that for men’s: Across all five countries, despite the variation in the extent of coverage, women’s sport is significantly less visible than men’s sport and does not reflect the extent of high-level women’s sport taking place.
  • Levels of visibility need to be elevated: in four of the five countries, women’s sport failed to achieve above 10% of all sports coverage. Coverage is at its lowest in Malta and Greece, where it failed to achieve more than 2%.
  • Pay TV is dominated by men’s sport programming: 31% of the channels monitored showed only men’s sport (23 out of 74). Some free-to-air channels, as well as Eurosport, provided coverage of women’s sport to a greater extent through major mixed events.