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Study to explore if resistance band exercise reduces risk of osteoporosis

Women aged 60-80 are being encouraged to take part in a study to investigate if resistance band exercise can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Researchers at Loughborough University want to hear from participants who can attend up to three separate 30 minute exercise sessions per week.

The aim of the study is to find out if resistance band exercise can increase bone density, improve posture and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

As part of the study, participants will be required to undergo bone density scans at the University and to have their posture and strength measured.

Half of the women will be asked to take part in the exercise sessions, while the rest of the group will be asked to carry on as usual.

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens the bones, making them more fragile and more likely to break. The condition may eventually affect one woman in two.

The spine is one of the main areas that is most commonly affected. Osteoporosis of the spine is also associated with changes in posture.

Findings from the study will be used to form recommendations for preventing osteoporosis, such as those being coordinated by the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

Dr Katherine Brooke-Wavell, a senior lecturer in Human Biology in the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences,said: “Our previous research has found that brief exercises that can be done at home can strengthen the bone at the hip. We now want to find some simple exercises to strengthen the spine.”

Donghyeon Seo, a PhD candidate at Loughborough University, added: “We know that exercise using weights can increase bone density of the spine, but many older women prefer not to exercise at a gym or using weights. We want to find out whether this exercise, that could be done at home or in a group similar to a yoga class will help.”

People can find out more about resistance band training here

Anyone interested in taking part in the study should contact Dr Katherine Brooke-Wavell on 01509 222749 or Donghyeon Seo on