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Public lecture: Exercise and cardiovascular health in South Asian vs European populations

Matthew Roberts, PhD student at Loughborough University, will present an NCSEM public lecture this September.

The lecture will commence with an overview of ethnic differences in cardiovascular health, followed by a more detailed examination of Matthew’s research into the influence of exercise on cardiovascular health in South Asian and European women and centrally obese South Asian and European men.

Matthew Roberts graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences. In October 2016 he started a PhD at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Matthew’s research investigates the role of exercise in the prevention and management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and blood vessel health in high risk populations for a range of diseases.


Tuesday 24 September 2019, 6pm
Room 1.39 National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Loughborough University (see campus map)

To reserve your seat, please email Alison Stanley