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Event: A healthier workforce for a healthier UK

A Healthier Workforce for a Healthier UK event will take place at Loughborough University on Thursday 5th of December 2019.

In the UK, limited research, health campaigns and initiatives have been conducted in the logistics sector. As a result, employees from the transport sector seem to be at greater risk of health inequalities such as shorter life expectancy and disability free working life. To address this issue, a team of researchers and stakeholders is organising a whole day event  A Healthier Workforce for a Healthier UK.

The purpose of the day is to answer the following question: How can we transform jobs that are not conducive of health into a healthier working environment? To do this effectively, an integrative approach where industry stakeholders, commissioners and health care providers, union representatives, health researchers and employees work together is necessary to redesign the workplace in order to promote health. This is particularly important for those employees whose work patterns or conditions prevent them from accessing medical care and are marginalised, isolated, sleep deprived and within the low-socioeconomic status (e.g. lorry drivers, warehouse workers, cleaners, etc).

The Healthier Workforce for a Healthier UK event has been designed to be an interactive day, as two of the main aims are to set up the Health and Wellbeing for all – impact working group and to write a white paper where we outline what initiatives need to be developed to help prevent or manage disease risk in order to reduce sickness leave and improve quality of working life. Details of the event programme are below.

09:00am Registration and coffee
09:30am Introduction – dynamics for the day
09:40am The importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace
Tracy Carr Public Health England and Jenna Parton Northamptonshire County Council
10:00am Occupational health and the logistics sector
Dean Clamp The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport.
10:15am The Structured Health Intervention for Truckers (SHIFT) study
Veronica Varela Loughborough University
10:30am Design thinking workshop: What are the guidelines within the health and safety agenda to support health and wellbeing within the transport sector?  How can the transport sector support lorry driver’s health and wellbeing at work?
10:50am Coffee break
11:05am Health and physical activity profile of transport workers in Denmark’ from Dphacto and one other study sample
Mette Korshøj Larsen National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark
11:35am Barriers to a healthy lifestyle as a driver, how the regulations and facilities on the road impact our health


Paul Gardiner 37plus – Keeping the Wheels Turning Forum

11:50am Living to Work – Working to Live
Adrian Jones, Unite the Union
12:10pm Design thinking workshop: Why do you think health and wellbeing should be part of the business needs agenda? What are the gaps in legislation and what needs to change in order to promote health and wellbeing at work amongst high risk occupational groups?
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm The Age, Health and Professional Drivers’ (AHPD) Network: Promoting Best Practice in Health and Wellbeing


Sheena Johnson Manchester University and Age, Health and Professional Drivers’ (AHPD) Network lead

1:30pm Mental health and wellbeing in lorry drivers. The importance of sustainable initiatives at work


Fehmidah Munir Loughborough University

1:45pm Design thinking workshop: In a climate of an aging workforce and a shortage of drivers, what strategies and initiatives are needed to support employee’s health and wellbeing to prevent ill-health? How can we incorporate Health and Wellbeing as part of the corporate social responsibility agenda across small, medium and large businesses?
2:15pm Coffee break
2:45pm Health resources to support lorry driver’s health and wellbeing


Rachel Bundock

2:30pm Design thinking workshop: How does the culture within the logistics sector need to change to promote a working environment protective of physical and mental health and wellbeing? Should health and wellbeing become a measure of success alongside profit and economic growth? Why? how?
3:15pm Round table: How can the “Health and Wellbeing for all” impact working group help address employee’s needs? – bases for a working group to sum up the discussion and to elaborate initiatives and recommendations to set up the working group and priorities for future research
3:50pm Closure

The day is free of charge and lunch and refreshments will be provided. This event is only open to those working in the sector as places are limited. If you would like to apply for a place please email Dr Veronica Varela-Mato on with details of your name, organisation, job role and how you feel you can contribute to the discussion before Friday 23rd November.