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Gearing up for activity - practical teaching of the physical activity guidelines for children

A Loughborough University academic has produced a practical video for teachers and trainee teachers focused on helping children and young people to understand the ‘one hour a day’ physical activity for health recommendation for their age.

Professor Jo Harris recorded the session in her own house due to the current restrictions, highlighting what can be achieved in a smaller space and how sessions can be adapted to different situations.

The practical session is called Gearing up for activity and includes six different tasks which are adaptable for use with different year groups.  The tasks are:

  • Task 1: Gears warm up
  • Task 2: How exercise feels
  • Task 3: Light to moderate to vigorous
  • Task 4: Impact circuit
  • Task 5: Impact-intensity circuit
  • Task 6: ‘Low low’ cool down

While the session was originally intended as teaching material for Loughborough University students it is now being made available publicly as a gesture of goodwill.

The video can be viewed below.