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Lifestyle and dementia risk

Professor Eef Hogervorst, Professor of Psychology at Loughborough University recently gave a presentation as part of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Lab notes series.

The talk, Love your heart, keep commected, stay sharp (which is available to view below) discusses lifestyle and dementia risk. It considers factors which influence dementia and can be changed such as smoking, diet and exercise. Psychosocial factors such as self-efficacy and loneliness are also discussed.

Lab Notes is a series of online engagement events from Alzheimer’s Research UK where you can find out more about life-changing dementia research taking place across the UK.

The session also includes a talk from Dr Eric Hill from Aston University sharing his research using stem cells to recreate the human brain in a dish. He talks about how this research is helping to unpick how different factors can lead to damage to brain cells in the diseases that cause dementia.