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Call for participants in new study investigating deselection

Researchers from Loughborough University are looking to recruit participants that have experienced deselection for a new study. The project will investigate high performance and World Class Performance athletes’ experience(s) of the process in both individual and team sports.

Participation in the study will consist of an interview lasting approximately 60 minutes (or longer if a participant wishes to share more) that will be conducted virtually.

If participants are comfortable, they will be asked to share any written communication regarding their deselection with the lead researcher, Katelynn Slade.

“Deselection is a process just like selection – though they represent the opposite sides of a coin,” commented project supervisor, Professor Sophia Jowett.

“Deselection has negative connotations attached to it and has usually a negative emotional impact on both the athlete who receives it and the coach who often delivers it.

“Nonetheless, deselection like selection is part of the process of competitive sport – a part that every athlete is very likely to experience in one way or another. We want to know more about deselection as it currently occurs in high performance sport.”

Professor Jowett continued:

“The practical significance of this research is to uncover ways to deliver deselection in a much more effective manner and make de/selection a well-integrated part of athletes’ development. In a nutshell, we want to hear from athletes who operate in high performance to help us understand their experiences of deselection.”

The research will be carried out under full ethical approval from Loughborough University while also following the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society.

The study is also supported by the British Athletes Commission (BAC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Studies Centre with all responses kept confidential and anonymous.

Katelynn Slade added:

“The athlete voice is integral in understanding deselection in high performance sport. By taking part in our study, athletes will be able to share their experiences with deselection in a confidential and anonymous setting. Our research aims to create positive change around the selection/deselection process for the benefit of athletes, coaches, and sporting organisations.”

Participants wishing to contribute to the study can contact Katelynn Slade on and will be compensated with a £25 Amazon voucher for their time.