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New partnership will help diabetics to manage their conditions

Experts at the University of Nottingham have teamed up with digital health company Gendius Limited to help promote better care for people with diabetes.

Experts in the University’s Digital Research Service will work with Gendius Limited to use diabetes data to develop and embed artificial intelligence algorithms to calculate a person’s risks of developing complications from their diabetes. They will also give them specific information on ways they can better manage their condition and avoid complications.

The project has been made possible thanks to £250k of funding from Innovate UK.

Diabetes is a complex and difficult condition to manage. Mitigating the progression of the disease is essential in preventing secondary complications.

Gendius Limited is a digital health company and the developer of diabetes management solutions that were designed to help people living with diabetes. It uses a clinically validated logic engine (Intellin) to actively monitor patients’ diabetes management and uses their individual clinical history to highlight their risk of developing diabetes-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, amputation, and blindness.

Enhanced prognostics will enable GPs and health care personnel to work more closely with patients and provide more targeted advice based on the predictive capacity of Intellin.

Patients will be told about the specific lifestyle changes and impact drivers such as smoking, BMI, activity, and diet, that will deliver the greatest health benefits and will provide patients with a more holistic approach to managing their diabetes.

The project is led by Dr Philip Quinlan and Dr Grazziela Figueredo from the Digital Research Service at the University.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team to research and develop responsible AI tools that will help GPs promote better care for diabetes patients. This project will help clinicians and patients to better understand diabetes-associated disease progression and how individual behavioural changes might impact it.

Dr Grazziela Figueredo

Rory Cameron, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Gendius Ltd, said: “We have been working with the team at the University of Nottingham for several years and this award enables us to move forward in our algorithm development. The team have a unique blend of data science, behaviour change and developer skills that will make a considerable impact to our intellin® platform.

“Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower limb amputation, blindness and considerably increases your risk of a cardiovascular event and this partnership will help us in our journey to understand and prevent the complications of chronic diseases such as diabetes.”