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Understanding the impact of sleep on health and wellbeing

A man asleep in bed

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), in partnership with Beingwell, has launched a new online training module for the RSPH’s Understanding Sleep: Don’t Hit Snooze on Your Health course to address the impact the pandemic has had on sleep and to help the public get a better night’s sleep.

The RSPH’s report Disparity Begins at Home indicated that the pandemic and the long-lasting home working arrangements in particular, had a damaging impact on the quality of sleep. In the snapshot survey, over a third of the respondents (27%) reported having had less sleep, or increasingly disturbed sleep due to working from home. Preliminary findings from the International COVID-19 Sleep Study also indicated that the uncertainties associated with the pandemic have exposed most people to unprecedented anxiety and stress that affects sleep.

The new module in the Understanding Sleep Course explores the immediate and long-term impact of COVID-19 pandemic on sleep and identifies tools to help participants get a better night’s sleep. The course will cover:

  • the relationship between sleep and COVID-19
  • the challenges to sleep during the pandemic
  • sleep research studies
  • resources to manage sleep.