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New research centre to tackle preventable diseases and help improve nation’s health

A new research centre which will look at ways to reduce preventable diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and several types of cancer, has been launched by Loughborough University.

The Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour (CLiMB) is based in the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and brings together experts in behavioural science, clinical medicine and population health.Its research will focus on the following areas:

  • Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Brief interventions and making every contact count within the NHS
  • Technology and the measurement of health
  • Healthy lifestyles in children
  • Health communication and food labelling
  • Women’s health and lifestyle behaviours.

CLiMB is being led by Amanda Daley, a Professor in Behavioural Medicine and a world-leading expert in public health. Speaking about the new centre she said: “Every year thousands of people are dying prematurely in the UK from preventable diseases due to poor lifestyles. Obesity levels are high, increasing people’s risk of many diseases such as   diabetes, strokes and many forms of cancer.

“We want to help people to live well and live longer, by providing evidenced-based interventions and advice to guide public health practice and policy. The work we undertake will not only benefit the UK, but also global health outcomes.