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Leading the Change report calls for Government to help reduce pressure on NHS by backing social prescribing in fitness and leisure sector

A new report published by ukactive ‘Leading the Change: social prescribing within the fitness and leisure sector’, calls for the Government and its agencies to realise the potential of fitness and leisure facilities to support people through social prescribing to reduce the pressure on the NHS,

Social prescribing connects people to community support based on their interests, and addresses issues affecting their health and wellbeing. Working alongside GPs, social prescribing link workers connect people to activities such as fitness groups, swimming, walking, dancing, running or gardening.

The fitness and leisure sector already plays a major role in community healthcare, such as providing rehabilitation from COVID-19 and cardiac, pulmonary, and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as 66% of the nation’s cancer prehabilitation and rehabilitation services. Research also shows that people who are regularly active reduce their risk from dying from infectious diseases such as COVID-19.