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New Inclusive recovery research to tackle growing inequalities

Four young people playing wheelchair basketball

Activity Alliance has released its ‘Inclusive recovery’ research report. The research in partnership with BritainThinks explores how disabled people can be included and supported further following the COVID-19 pandemic. It also looks at the challenges that providers and people who deliver activities had and continue to have as the nation recovers. The insight shows we need to support providers to develop and recover more inclusively if we are to tackle rising inequalities for disabled people in sport and activity.

Activity opportunities and programmes are now on the rise following this national crisis. But disabled people were the hardest hit throughout the pandemic, creating new and increasing long-term barriers. The insight into disabled people’s experience in sport and activity echoed this exclusion. The report explores the challenges and opportunities as we recover and create new activities.

Activity Alliance worked to better understand how disabled people’s barriers and motivations have changed. Also, how providers can support and include disabled people better as we look to the future.