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New study reveals short bursts of exercise in daily life may lower risk of premature death

An adult helping a young child to climb up a horizontal tree

ISEH Professor Mark Hamer, Chair in Sport and Exercise Medicine, was part of dedicated team of researchers who looked at the association of vigorous intermittent physical (very short bouts of 1–2 minute high intensity activity) with all cause cardiovascular disease & cancer mortality in people who do not exercise. 

The authors found that just 3–4-minute bouts of short vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (which the researchers have called VILPA), is associated with 40% reduction in all cause cancer related morality & up to 49% reduction in death related cardiovascular disease. Types of VILPA could include daily activities such as: running for the bus, carrying shopping, power walking, running errands or playing games with children and pets.

This is the first study of its kind to gain these important insights about the positive health benefits of non-structured physical activity.