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New study to analyse Nottinghamshire’s nutrition and food security

Food being packed into boxes

A new study has been launched to identify areas in Nottinghamshire where people may be struggling to access adequate food and nutrition.

The Food and Nutrition Security Study (FANSS) is being led by the University of Nottingham in collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council and is seeking volunteers to take part. The study aims to identify areas where people may not have access to sufficient or adequate food to meet their basic needs – known as food insecurity.

The data collected as part of this study will support the Nottinghamshire Good Food initiative and its aims of enabling communities through food by tackling food insecurity and making sure vulnerable residents have access to healthy and nutritious food

Researchers will gather information across Nottinghamshire’s population via a survey that asks a range of questions about food and nutritional intake – from whether people are skipping meals and losing weight to what types of foods people are regularly eating and those they are missing out on.

Dr Simon Welham from the School of Biosciences is leading the study and working with the University’s Business School to analyse the data.

“We know the cost of living and food prices are squeezing household budgets and impacting on people’s decisions about what to buy and eat, and that many more people than ever will be food insecure. By building a picture of people’s actual eating habits we can begin to identify where there are areas in the region that need support and where interventions and resources can be targeted to help those most in need.” – Dr Simon Welham, School of Biosciences

Nottinghamshire County Council have launched the Nottinghamshire food charter which aims to tackle food insecurity, promote healthy eating, and encourage skills/knowledge. This study will provide support for Nottinghamshire County Council strategies by providing detailed information on the prevalence of food and nutritional insecurity and aid in the development of interventions to tackle food insecurity.

“We are pleased to be working with the University of Nottingham on the Nutrition and Food Security study. Understanding the effect that food insecurity has on our nutrition will provide valuable local evidence and contribute to Nottinghamshire County Council’s wider work on Sustainable Food. Improving food security and access to affordable good food is a key part of the Nottinghamshire Food Charter and the valuable work partner organisations deliver in our communities. The study will make a huge contribution to Nottinghamshire as a Sustainable Food Place to help our communities be healthier.” –Kathy Holmes, Public Health & Commissioning Manager Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council

The study is open to volunteers aged 18 years and over who are living in Nottinghamshire to take part in the first stage of study and 200 people from the first stage of the study to take part in the second stage of the study (optional) which is looking into more detail about the types of food included in the diet. In the study people will be asked to complete one online survey, for those who opt to take part in the second stage of the study they will be asked to complete four computerised 24-hour dietary recalls. There is also the option to provide a urine sample.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to take part click here or email