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Government activity commitments must prioritise disabled people

On 3 December, the United Nation’s International Day of Disabled People is celebrated globally to promote the rights and wellbeing of disabled people. The leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity, Activity Alliance, is calling on the government to give disabled people more support to equally reap the benefits of being active. The national charity urges them to lay out a detailed action plan that brings to life their long-term commitment in addressing the challenges disabled people face.

Disabled people are among the least active in our country. Barriers including physical access, financial constraints and facility staff awareness continue to limit disabled people’s opportunities. Many of these barriers have existed for far too long. That is why the charity’s Vice President, John Amaechi OBE, is leading the call to see disabled people actively consulted more on a cross-government action plan, with a cabinet-level position to co-ordinate its work.