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Loughborough University and PFA publish findings from joint research study into Snus use in professional football

Male hands hold in hand a box of snus

Findings from a first-of-its kind study into Snus use in professional football have been published by the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) and Loughborough University.

Snus is a smokeless nicotine product placed between the upper lip and gumline and is increasingly prevalent across the UK. Its use has been associated with various health conditions in the general population, though to date no research had explored its specific use in football.

Last year, the PFA commissioned a research project with Loughborough University to explore the usage and perceived health and performance effects of Snus among professional footballers.

In total, 628 and 51 participants were surveyed from the men’s and women’s game respectively, and interviews were conducted with 16 club performance and medical staff currently working in men’s and academy football.