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PLATE workshop

Date and Time
23rd November 2020, 09:00 - 17:00
The event has passed

This one day workshop took place in November 2020. The workshop aimed to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to understanding nutrition and appetite regulation during periods of physical activity transition across the lifespan and to explore opportunities for future collaborative research. The talks explored challenges to researching nutrition and appetite regulation across different types of physical activity transitions and generated novel and timely research questions to be addressed.

It has been well established that physical activity is crucial for optimal appetite regulation. Overeating and weight gain are more likely to occur when physical activity levels are low because of impaired appetite sensitivity to energy needs. The impact of changes, and specifically, reductions in physical activity on appetite regulation and nutrition is poorly understood. This workshop brought together experts from different disciplines to identify and discuss the challenges to optimal nutrition and appetite regulation during periods of physical activity transition.

Recordings from the workshop are available below.

Keynote presentation

Professor Rachel Batterham
Keynote presentation
Changing the obesity narrative

Panel presentations

Professor Rachel Batterham
The role of physical activity before and after Bariatric surgery


Professor Vicky Tolfrey
Physical activity considerations for people with a spinal cord injury

Professor Jeff Brunstrom
Food selection, expected satiety and links with weight management

Professor Greg Atkinson
Interindividual responses to interventions: Implications for appetite and activity research

Early career short presentations

Eleni Spyreli
Exploring parental attitudes and practices during complementary feeding


Chris McLeod
Evidence for the influence of pre- meal and exercise cognitions on portion selection and energy intake

Pauline Oustric
Changes in food reward and appetite control during diet induced weight loss and follow-up

Ella Smith
Comparing heterogeneity in body mass responses between low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets

Madhronica Sardjoe
The effects of high intensity interval exercise and the transfer effects to eating behaviour

Asya Barutcu
Exercise perceived as ‘license to eat’: Implications for public health

Kristine Beaulieu
Physical activity, energy balance and appetite control: Time of day consideration