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Public lecture: Trying to outrun cancer

Two young women running along a quiet road
Date and Time
6th April 2022, 17:30 - 18:30
The event has passed


The benefits of exercise in the prevention and treatment of cancer

This public lecture was delivered by Dr Mhairi Morris,  Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at Loughborough University, in April 2022. The talk will discussed the benefits of exercise in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that physical activity and exercise play a key role in reducing cancer risk and helping to improve patient outcomes, but we don’t fully understand what’s going on at the cellular and molecular level. This presentation focused on how exercise prevents cancer in the first place, and why exercise is important for immune function in those living with and beyond cancer, as well as the outline recommendations for exercise.

The talk will also take a brief look at ways in which exercise alters the behaviour of cancer cells in relation to other cell types found in the local tumour microenvironment and what this may mean for patients living with cancer.

Dr Mhairi Morris is a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at Loughborough University. Her current research interests centre around the local environment that immediately surrounds the tumour – the so-called “tumour microenvironment” – and how exercise can alter the way cancer cells interact with other cell types within its microenvironment.

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