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Tracy Elton

Tracy Elton is a Senior Specialist Nurse and has been working in cardiology healthcare for over 30 years – she loves the job so much that she even returned after retirement!

After requiring heart surgery herself as a young child, Tracy was inspired to pursue a career in cardiology to ‘give back’ to the community that helped her through such a challenging time and allowed her to fulfil a full healthy life.

Tracy loves the varied aspects of her role, but finds particular enjoyment in group sessions and any patient contact.

Why Tracy loves the NCSEM

“The NCSEM is a lovely sight and it’s always well air conditioned in the summer. Even though you’re busy, when you’re there you don’t feel like you’re at work because it’s not in a clinical hospital setting. It’s nice for patients to have that change of environment too. For most of the time it’s down the road from them so it’s convenient and often feels more like a community or leisure centre atmosphere.”

What Tracy thinks about the sessions

“Our groups change depending on patient needs. Not everyone will have been through the same experience, some of them will have had a heart attack, some might have had surgery; everyone’s health is obviously confidential but they can talk to each other about their experiences if they wish to disclose their information. We’ll always pair patients up with somebody with either a similar kind of condition or, in the rehabilitation classes, a similar level of abilities so that they can spur each other on as well as support each other.”