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SCI guidelines Arab countries

Following the development of the international spinal cord injury (SCI) exercise guidelines in October 2017, it was acknowledged that the guidelines needed to be tailored to the language, research, needs and preferences of adults with SCI and SCI clinicians in Arab countries.

To address this need, Dr. Abdullah Alrashidi PT. MSc. PhD, Mr. Haitham Ghazal PT. MSc and Mr. Naif Alraddadi  PT. MSc from King Fahad Medical City in Saudi Arabia translated the English-written scientific guidelines into an Arabic version to support the use of the guidelines in Arab countries.


Collaborators involved in translating the guidelines into Arabic include:

Dr. Abdullah Alrashidi PT. MSc. PhD, Physical Therapy Department, King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Mr. Haitham Ghazal PT. MSc, Physical Therapy Department, King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Mr. Naif Alraddadi  PT. MSc, Physical Therapy Department, King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Local contacts

If you have any questions or would like to discuss disseminating the guidelines in Arab countries please contact:

King Fahad Medical City

Dr. Abdullah Alrashidi PT. MSc. PhD

Consultant Physical Therapist

King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) has a strategic location in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. KFMC is one of the largest and fastest growing medical complexes in the Middle East. It has a highly qualified and efficient Technical Management Team, all are engaged to achieve one goal: making KFMC a benchmark in the medical care, to which all patients from all over the region are referred to, for all treatment levels where medical and professional competencies of different disciplines are gathered to provide assistance to patients. In addition to quality care, one of KFMC’s priorities is to spread knowledge, the culture of development and achievement in the community.

Dr. Alrashidi is a consultant physical therapist and section head with extensive clinical experience and management skills. Dr. Alrashidi works for King Fahad Medical City, a tertiary care medical city, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alrashidi holds a PhD in experimental medicine program with the focus in investigating the effect of exercise and physical activity on multiple health measures. Dr. Alrashidi is an active member of the rehabilitation research committee and responsible in monitoring and supervising all research projects conducted in his department. Dr. Alrashidi has published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at national and international conferences.