The interaction between diet, exercise and health and the influence of various nutritional interventions on sports performance is vital to improving athletes’ health.

This knowledge can then be translated to the everyday population in the form of diet and exercise interventions to improve the health of the elderly, obese and type 2 diabetics.

Our research in this area

Reducing compulsive exercise in eating disorder patients

Since 1998, a Loughborough team has been conducting research into the fundamental thought processes that underpin eating disorders.

The research – combined with the findings of numerous studies from world-leading groups – demonstrates that compulsive exercise is often one of the first symptoms to develop and tends to be associated with poor treatment outcomes and high relapse rates for eating disorder patients.

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Reducing infections and monitoring stress in athletes

Research on the impact of exercise and training on immune function in athletes has improved international practice of sport science support personnel, coaches and athletes – leading to reduced infection risk for athletes.

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