The NCSEM-EM is researching ways to support people with disabilities to be more active through the development of physical activity guidelines for people with a spinal cord injury, working with coaches in disability sport to develop their skills and looking at the barriers children with disabilities face to being more active.

Spinal cord injury guidelines

Researchers from the NCSEM-EM and the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport together with colleagues in Canada have developed scientific guidelines to inform people with spinal cord injury (SCI) how much exercise is necessary for important fitness and health benefits.

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Professor Vicky Tolfrey outlines the scientific exercise guidelines for people with spinal cord injury.

How to get children with a disability more active

Dr Janine Coates
Lecturer in Qualitative Research Methods, Loughborough University

Dr Janine Coates discusses some of the barriers children with disabilities face to being active and what parents can do to help.

Coaching in disability sport

Dr Robert Townsend
Doctoral Researcher, Loughborough University (now Lecturer in Coaching and Pedagogy at University of Waikato)

Dr Robert Townsend looks at the important relationship between the athlete, coach and parent in disability sport coaching.

More than just a game: the public health impact of sport and physical activity for people with a disability

Public lecture from Dr Cheri Blauwet, Harvard Medical School, on the importance of engaging all people with an impairment, from grassroots up through elite, in sport as a means of promoting population health.

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Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport

Loughborough University is home to the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport. The centre contributes significantly to research and practice in disability sport and has two main research strands, sport performance and health and wellbeing

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