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A team of academics in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University have developed a free app providing easy to follow information and strategies to improve sleep quality.

Affecting 10% of the adult population, insomnia degrades quality of life, damages relationships, impairs performance at work, delays recovery from illness, and increases the chances of developing major depression. While the NHS recommends psychological or ‘cognitive behavioural’ approaches as the first line of treatment for insomnia, access to these treatments can be extremely limited.

The Sleepful app provides easy and free access to insomnia self-help. Based on research evidence, and designed by an expert team, Sleepful offers effective and easy-to-follow psychological strategies which can deliver lasting improvements to sleep quality. The app includes explanatory videos, a digital sleep diary, continuous feedback on progress, alarms and daytime prompts, deep relaxation procedures, and bite-sized chunks of useful information on sleep and insomnia.

Sleepful is available on Google Play, the App Store and at It is free to download and use.