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The Very Alternative Guide to Spinal Cord Injury

The Very Alternative Guide to Spinal Cord Injury is a research-informed self-help book that uses humour, real-life quotes and illustrations to communicate important health information and ideas in an engaging and entertaining way.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a serious neurological condition whereby damage to the spinal cord leads to full or partial paralysis. Adjusting to life with SCI can be an emotionally challenging experience.

This book is primarily designed to support people with spinal cord injuries as well as their family and friends. It would also be useful to health professionals looking for accessible ways to educate patients on life with a spinal injury.

“After a spinal cord injury or illness, we know that humour can help, information can help, and support can help. This book brilliantly combines all these elements”

Helen Smith, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, London Spinal Cord Injury Centre

“A brilliant idea, beautifully realised and very funny”

Andy (spinal cord injured)

The book can be purchased on Amazon.