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SMART Work – reducing sitting time at work

Office-based employees spend almost 75% of their workday sitting down but 95% report wanting to reduce this. In the UK, half a million employees annually suffer from work-related musculoskeletal issues. Currently, £12.2 billion is spent annually on presenteeism and £10.6 billion on sickness absenteeism. The amount of time staff spend sitting could be contributing to these issues.

Researchers at Loughborough University and the University of Leicester have shown through a robust randomised controlled trial that reducing sitting time at work improves health, wellbeing and work engagement.

They have now developed a free, evidence-based online resource to help employees sit less and move more at work with or without the use of a height adjustable desk. SMART Work consists of three resource kits:

Resource kit 1: aimed at managers

Resource kit 2: aimed at workplace champions

Resource kit 3: aimed at individual employees

The tools and resources have been tried and tested in a research project conducted by a team of researchers. Not only is this all free for organisations to access, but there is the evidence to show that it works and can save organisations money. Read the business case to find out more.

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